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Álex Romero

  • Current company Alto Data Analytics

Álex Romero is the founder and CEO of Alto Data Analytics. With 18 years of experience in telecommunications and digital marketing in more than 20 markets worldwide, Álex (43) has gained a breadth of exposure to unstructured data sources. He holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Málaga (Spain, 1997), where he specialized in electronics and automation, and an MBA from the Henley Business School (UK, 2007). Alex’s dynamic career kicked off at Alcatel-Lucent, where he worked as a software developer and consultant, and led him to Vodafone, where he ultimately managed the launch of the company’s mobile Internet initiative and led projects with top clients such as Yahoo!, Microsoft, YouTube, eBay, and Google. He transitioned twice more – to Yahoo! and then Viacom – gaining valuable experience in digital marketing and laying the foundations for Alto.

About Alto Data Analytics

Ninety percent of all the data that exists on the internet has been created in the past two years. Large organizations want to utilize this growing pool of information to advance their company’s’ missions, but collecting and analyzing comprehensive and complex data sets is challenging, even for highly sophisticated companies. Alto Data Analytics pairs proprietary data analytic and visualization technology with in-house experts to help large businesses identify pressing issues and make better-informed, data-driven executive decisions. The company offers two products/services: Alto Analyzer, a cloud-based data analytics software, and Alto Insights, the company’s in-house consulting branch. Alto Data Analytics works with renowned public, private and non-profit organizations from around the world to extract actionable, real-time insights from the chaos of datasets that live on social media, emails threads, the dark web, etc.

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