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Carlos Rivera

  • Current company Clicars

Carlos Rivera is the co-founder and co-CEO of Clicars, an online platform that enables users to trade, finance, buy and sell refurbished cars through a more transparent, digital and trustworthy experience.

From a young age Carlos had an interest in cars. After graduating from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2004 with a degree in industrial engineering, he was a researcher in hybrid and electric vehicles for the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). After a year and a half, Carlos landed a job at Renault as Engine Tuning Engineering Lead. During his time at Renault, Carlos became more interested in business, and in 2008 he moved to NYC to earn his MBA at Columbia Business School. After graduating from Columbia, Carlos went on to work at BCG in Paris for the firm’s automotive and industrial goods practice. After three years at BCG, Carlos left to become the Global Strategy Director for Phillips Automotive.


About Clicars


Although the used car market in Spain is worth over $13B, consumers only have two traditional options: car dealers and informal peer-to-peer transactions. With most car dealers lowballing offers to sellers and upselling to buyers, and informal transactions leaving buyers susceptible to scams and misinformation, neither option is ideal. Thus, Clicars is a win-win for both buyers and sellers (both individuals and businesses) of second-hand cars. For buyers, Clicars offers a fully-inspected, detailed, and Clicars-certified car at a competitive price delivered right to their door. A customer-centric brand, Clicars also gives financing and insurance options, as well as a 15-day or 1,000 km return policy (the longest in the market).

Individual sellers are drawn to Clicars’ free, on-site appraisal using its proprietary pricing algorithm that uses real-time market and Clicars’s data to ensure sellers receive a fair offer. Once a vehicle passes Clicars’s 250-point mechanical inspection, sellers can choose an immediate purchase or consignment option. So valuable is Clicars’ customer-centric sales model that business sellers now allow the company to hold their inventory in Clicars warehouses at no charge until a sale is made.

Clicars uses technology to bring data, transparency, and convenience to the used car market. Its full-service platform allows both buyers and sellers to complete a transaction 100% online as well as get access to financing and insurance options through partners like Santander and BBVA.


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