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Eloi Gómez

  • Current company Jeff

Eloi Gómez is the co-founder and CEO of Mr Jeff, an on-demand laundry platform.

Eloi was born and raised in Galicia (Spain) and he has had a passion for entrepreneurship since a very early age. This led him to pursue a Food Science and Technology degree from Universidad de León as well as an Economics degree from National University of Distance Education (UNED).

During his time at university, Eloi and a couple of friends had an idea to start a business and employ fellow students as a way of combating the national 50%+ youth unemployment rate. Together they launched a business on Facebook selling university-themed sweatshirts to students around campus. His products became so popular that the alumni association bought the company. Nevertheless, as a true entrepreneur, this wasn’t Eloi’s only venture. At the same time, Eloi started a food exporting company, connecting small Spanish food producers with importers around the world. After 18 months, Eloi also sold this company to a successful family office from Northern Spain.

After having sold his two ventures and graduating from college, Eloi and his partners, Rubén and Adrián, decided their entrepreneurial journey was just beginning so they moved to Valencia to participate in Business Booster, the first Spanish accelerator. The group sought out a fragmented, traditional market ripe for disruption. After analyzing several industries, they realized that the laundry services industry in Spain had been the same for decades: low-tech, inconvenient, and often not customer-centric. After completing the Business Booster program and creating a preliminary model of the new business idea, Eloi traveled the world to understand how the laundry service industry differed in each region, only to find that it suffered from the same pain points everywhere. Upon his return, the group got back together to perfect the Mr Jeff formula. Knowing their product would be customer-centric, the team opted for a name that sounded like that of a butler always at his clients’ service. Within its first year, Mr Jeff received over 12,000 orders.

About Mr Jeff

Mr Jeff is disrupting the laundry service industry one laundry bag at a time. The company’s on-demand platform connects laundromats – branded and trained by Mr Jeff – to customers in need of laundry or dry cleaning services via its app or website. Customers can pay per item, per laundry bag, or buy a monthly subscription, as well as access free pick-up and delivery within 48 hours. This highly fragmented sector is currently dominated by traditional mom-and-pop shops that don’t offer online ordering, multiple payment options, or standardized quality. Having amassed thousands customers across five markets – Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia – and hundreds of laundry partners in two short years, Mr Jeff is quickly gaining traction in the $200B global laundry service industry.

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