Ignasi Vilajosana

  • Current company Worldsensing

Ignasi Vilajosana, his twin brother Xavier, Jordi Llosa, and Mischa Dohler, founded Worldsensing in 2008. The company aims to improve efficiency and safety in the industrial and public sectors by using superior wireless sensing solutions. Worldsensing has already developed groundbreaking technology that will transform cities around the world. With smart sensors that improve traffic management and infrastructure maintenance, Worldsensing has brought an efficient, easy method of data capture and analysis to these sectors.

Ignasi holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Barcelona and the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, and has received training at IESE business school. He has authored numerous publications, and is a competitive cycler. After his studies, Ignasi wanted to find a solution to real-world challenges. So, he founded Worldsensing, and built a generic platform able to connect to any wireless sensor that collects and stores data.

Worldsensing revolutionizes traditional industries with high-tech, low-cost solutions that capture and deliver data in real time. The company uses patented wireless sensors to capture data that assists with managing traffic and monitoring industrial infrastructure. The technology can also be applied to different verticals, driving scalability. The company already operates partnerships with major companies like IBM, and was invited to partner with Cisco in the Hamburg Smart City project. Ignasi plans to transform both city management and data communication.

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