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Jordi Torras

  • Current company Inbenta

Jordi Torras is the founder and CEO of Inbenta. Jordi grew up in Barcelona as the youngest of 5 brothers. From a young age, Jordi immersed himself in the world of computers, where he found an outlet to combine his technical talent with his creative energy. After graduating from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona with a BS in Computer Science, Jordi followed in the footsteps of his elder brother, who quit his job to start a business from scratch and asked Jordi to join him. Together, Jordi and his brother founded a professional services firm called SBD in Barcelona that grew to more than 200 employees and was acquired by French firm Alten Technologies. While Jordi’s brother used his share of the healthy acquisition profits to enjoy retirement, Jordi had caught the entrepreneurial bug and wanted more. After earning his MBA from Audencia Business School, Jordi invested the profits from SBD’s acquisition to start his next business in 2007, a software development firm he called “Inbenta”.

About Inbenta

When customers can’t find the answer to their questions or issues on a business’s website, they often call or email a customer support department. This leads to long wait times and frustration for not only customers, but also for fatigued agents who often face many repetitive questions. Inbenta helps businesses automate their customer support operations and improve self-service rates through a Natural Language Processing (NLP) software. Businesses can implement an Inbenta-powered search engine on their website, which allows users to input their questions and receive accurate answers. Rather than leveraging a simple keyword match, Inbenta’s AI-powered search engine understands the intent and meaning behind a user’s language, showing relevant results regardless of how a question is asked. A Forrester Consulting study found that Inbenta’s solution provides companies with a 390% ROI, by reducing the volume of incoming contact center calls and e-mails. With a solution that spans 25 languages and 10 industries, Inbenta is poised to become the leading player in NLP-powered customer support automation.

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