Selected 2016

Jorge Poyatos

  • Current company Seedtag

Jorge is the co-founder of Seedtag. He studied industrial engineering at Universidad de Málaga and wrote his thesis on computational fluid dynamics after gaining experience in the field as an intern in India. After university, Jorge went on to work for Sacyr, an oil refinery, where his role evolved from engineering to operations when he was asked to prepare the company for its unwinding. Jorge identifies Sacyr as the steppingstone that drove his interest in business and led him to pursue a role in management consulting at Oliver Wyman. In 2012 Jorge joined the analyst team at Google to cover the Automotive and Education sectors. There he met Albert Nieto, together with whom he ended up cofounding Seedtag.

About Seedtag

90% of information transferred to the brain is visual, so it isn’t surprising that online articles with images receive 94% more views than those without images. While pictures and videos are key elements of storytelling, they have remained under-utilized by advertisers. Seedtag has changed that – it places non-invasive ads into digital images so that publishers can monetize and advertisers can leverage a new format of premium ad space. Seedtag’s high-performance technology positions it as a premium player in advertising technology. The page analysis algorithm matches relevant images with the native ads that will complement them. This contextualization increases the probability that an ad will reach its target audience leading to an increase in CTR and conversions for advertisers.

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