Selected 2020

Juan Desmonts

  • Current company DosFarma

Juan Desmonts is the founder and CEO of DosFarma. He was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in February 2020 during the Riyadh ISP.

Born into a family of pharmacists, Juan Desmonts knows this industry well. He graduated from high school with top scores and intentions of becoming a doctor. Instead, his father encouraged him to run the family pharmacy, so he attended to the University of Granada and graduated with a B.A. in Pharmacy. At the time, becoming an entrepreneur was a novel concept in Cartagena, Juan however, had long harbored ambitions of pioneering something of his own that could bring change and growth to his community.

When Juan’s mother-in-law – also a pharmacist – wanted to retire, he saw an opportunity to take over her business, a small pharmacy focusing solely on medications but struggling financially. Juan recognized that diverse products and a wider inventory were key to the success and customer satisfaction, so he focused on expanding available SKUs. To maximize returns on this considerable inventory, he hired two friends to build an ecommerce platform and reach more customers. In 2 years, he went from using a small room as a makeshift warehouse to reaching capacity in a 1600m2 storage facility.

About Dosfarma

Dosfarma’s website offers convenient access to a wider range of medication and personal care items at an affordable rate and facilitate the delivery of any of the products on the website within 2 hours. A team of pharmacists is available to recommend the right products to customers in search of remedies to their ailments. As such, the company has forged beneficial relationships with major labs, allowing it to offer consumers lower prices. Dosfarma represents the expertise of a licensed pharmacist-operated business with the scale and capacity of a traditional ecommerce shop.

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