Selected 2020

Laura Urquizu

  • Current company Red Points

Laura Urquizu is the CEO of Red Points. She was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in June 2020 during a virtual ISP.

Laura studied Economics and has a master’s degree from IESE in Managerial Development. She started her career at Arthur Andersen as a senior auditor and consultant. In 2002, she moved to a Caja Navarra, where she became the director of technology, operations, and real estate, leading the digital transformation. Around 2008, she was offered to manage the first venture capital fund ever in Spain.

In 2012, she joined to the boards of various technology startups in Madrid, Barcelona, and London, during this time, she met Red Point’s founders. She immediately fell in love with the idea and the potential of an online brand protection solution focused on counterfeiting and piracy. In 2014, Laura was asked to lead Red Points as CEO & Partner. With her vision and strategic leadership, Laura leveraged her position in the local ecosystem to recruit top talent and pivoted the business to a SaaS model.

About Red Points

Brands have never been more vulnerable to the issues of online counterfeiting, piracy, and distribution fraud as they are today; approximately $1 in $5 of sales is lost to these sources of fraud. Red Points empowers businesses worldwide to seamlessly protect their valuable assets across all online distribution channels. Through its proprietary technology, Red Points can scan the internet, identify, and take down all copyright violations and infringements.
With offices in Barcelona and New York, Red Points is disrupting a market traditionally served by law and consulting firms addressing copyrights and counterfeiting with litigation. Red Points helps improve the bottom line, increase positive brand reputation, protect sellers, and reduce high legal costs.To date, the company has 650+ clients across Europe and the US and employs 250+ people.
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