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Rodrigo Rodríguez

  • Current company Odilo

Rodrigo Rodríguez is the founder and CEO of Odilo.

Rodrigo was born and raised in Cartagena, a city on the southern coast of Spain. He went on to receive a Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering from Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid, and soon began a career as a Project Manager at BT Global Services, a leading communication services company in Europe. Despite successive promotions and selection to the internal Global Talent Pool, Rodrigo always felt the desire to pursue his own project. At the time, Rodrigo’s father had been working with libraries and the two began discussing the future of the industry as communication and content began moving to the digital world. Seeing an initial opportunity to help libraries maintain relevancy by migrating to the cloud, Rodrigo began market research before leaving the corporate world to launch the initial Odilo product in 2012.

Working with his brother, the two started a bootstrapped operation working with public libraries in Cartagena on a project-by-project basis while building an initial SaaS product and B2B marketplace. As traction developed, Rodrigo began attending conferences where Odilo won its first international projects which would become the foundation for its global scope; including the Institute Cervantes project to provide Spanish content to centers in 35 countries and a state-wide initiative serving libraries across Colorado (USA).


About Odilo


The days of chalk and blackboard in the classroom are fading away. Worldwide, digital content aggregators and intelligent platforms are allowing a more equitable distribution of educational resources to students between countries, while providing teachers the right online tools to enhance learning. Odilo is leading the digital transformation of the education sector through its fully customized, multidisciplinary content platform for schools, universities, libraries, and enterprises. Powered by artificial intelligence, Odilo intelligently aggregates content across 45 languages from leading providers such as Penguin Random House, McGraw Hill and Pearson to automatically match with the specific profile of each reader. To date, Odilo has partnerships with 3,100 content providers, a user base of 141M users, and boasts a 100% retention rate in schools and libraries.

Odilo’s innovative model allows organizations such as schools, libraries, cities, and corporations to launch a highly-customized digital learning service without upfront investment. By pairing one of the largest e-content catalogues with data from millions of digital items consumed each year, Odilo is able to provide content recommendations that automatically select the best content and deals based upon a client’s needs.

By offering content publishers a means to increase their visibility and reach new readers, Odilo has since signed strategic partnerships with providers such as Ingram Group, the largest book distributor worldwide, which actively sell the solution to their own client base. This has helped Odilo expand its clientele overtime from schools and libraries to include telecommunication companies, cities, government agencies, and other institutions around the world.

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