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Yaiza Canosa

  • Current company GOI

Yaiza Canosa is the founder and CEO of GOI. Born and raised in Coruña, Yaiza is a restless entrepreneur determined to improve the efficiency of traditional systems. At the age of 16, Yaiza sold her first project to a media company and was hired to develop and manage it, giving her the opportunity to grow her leadership skills for the first time. Three years later, the company was acquired, and Yaiza moved to Barcelona to take a senior position at a gaming tech company while completing her B.A at the University of Coruña remotely. Yaiza was ready for a new project by the time she was 21. She moved to Madrid in 2014 and earned an MBA from EUDE while founding Glue Concept, a coworking space and startup accelerator. Glue Concept became successful quickly, but it was not a scalable model, and Yaiza had greater ambitions, so she passed the baton into capable hands and stepped aside from daily operations to dream up her next venture.

After leaving Coruña at a young age, Yaiza missed the fresh fruits that grow in her hometown. Her mother attempted to send her bulky crates of her favorite foods, but no mail carrier would deliver them. Yaiza soon discovered she was not the only one who needed a simple and affordable way to deliver oversized packages. In fact, every time retailers sold large items, they had to hire three different contractors to handle, deliver, and install them, a process that took 5 days on average. On the other side, contractors spent too much time negotiating with retailers and struggled to attract enough clients.

About GOI

Convinced she could solve the problem, Yaiza developed GOI, a platform that uses AI to match carriers with gigs based on 48 factors, reducing the days-long hiring process to a few seconds. Initially the platform targeted consumers who required delivery and installation services, but large retailers soon caught wind of the startup and saw it as a unique opportunity to outsource their after-sales delivery and installation services.

By consolidating the handling, delivery, and installation processes into an all-in-one solution, GOI enhances both the quality of carriers’ jobs and the level of service its retail partners can offer to end customers. GOI optimizes carriers’ routes to maximize their productivity, increasing the efficiency of their routes by 40% and the number of deliveries they make by 20% on average.

GOI’s network of professional carriers pick up, transport, and install oversized items, such as furniture and appliances, in consumers’ homes. Within the fragmented logistics market, GOI is the first and only store-to-home logistics solution in Spain. In the three years since its founding, GOI has completed 200K+ successful deliveries for 25+ clients like IKEA and El Corte Ingles.

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